Sunday, 15 March 2020

Sakura Matsuri 2020 Garden by the Bay

*Picture intensive post
Happening now till 27th March 2020
Flower Dome
Garden by the Bay, Singapore

This year theme is Tale of the peach boy!

Here a video tour

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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

McYoutiao - McDonald’s Singapore new menu

The new addition to the menu is called Donut Sticks (from $2.20 a la carte).
It’s available only during breakfast hours.
The fried dough sticks are crisp on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside , and are sprinkled all over with cinnamon sugar for a delightful bite”.

A set with a cup of McCafé Premium Roast Coffee goes for $3.

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Monday, 24 February 2020

How to dispose a mask properly

Corona Virus 2019 has been spreading rapidly all around the world. Here a picture on how to dispose of it properly.
Thanks to Evacomics for the picture

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Not many know that i already move my blogging to vlogging now.  I trying new platform to see if i can more viewers then my blog which half dead.

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Casual Sneakers

This will be my favourite topic. Want know why? I love casual sneakers. I lost count the amount I buy all over the years. I not sure when I start collecting them but I just like to collect them. Usually those I buy are limited edition or have the design which I find interesting or pleasant looking in my eyes.

I have some which I yet to even wear them but they say the more the merrier. I always wore sneakers everywhere I go. If I do it for work, I will wear it too but too bad I need to wear smart shoes for work.

I always match sneakers with a nice smart office blouse with a smart casual shorts and a nice necklace to go with it. Look elegant and comfortable to wear in this type of weather. If I feel cold , I will pair it with a blazer or cardigan.

You may ask what is my favourite sneakers. Mine is Converse. I love how they have lots of colours and has low and high cut shoes. I always love high cut shoes. They are high enough to cover my ankle which can get cold sometime.

I usually go the boutique to buy them but since I find out I can get them on Zalora. I more then happy to just seat on my couch and browse online without even need to go out of the house to go see them. As I always shop at the boutique, I know my size so it even easier without needed to go try or exchange if cant fit. But don't worry, Zalora accept changes. You can just sent back to them and they will exchange for you. As we all are always busy it easier to shop on Zalora. Furthermore there discount and special promo from time to time. Click this to shop on Zalora Casual Sneakers

I have chosen 3 of my favourite sneakers on Zalora. The first 2 is high cut as all of you know I like high cut sneakers. The 3rd one is those army style pattern which look nice to my eyes. All 3 can be wear with jeans, shorts or even skirts.

Chuck Taylor All Star Sex Pistols Hi Men's Sneakers

109.90 SGD
NOW 65.90 SGD

Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Men's Canvas Sneakers

74.90 SGD

Chuck Taylor All Star II Lunarlon Foam Reflective Camo Sneakers Ox
119.90 SGD

A lot don't know or realise that you can wear sneakers with skirt. I myself wasn't that sure if they look nice on skirt. But after seeing girls wear it with skirt. It does look nice. Casual sneakers look nice in even with a smart casual pants. Except that don't wear it to office or to a dinner.

All 3 design can be found on Zalora. Yes it so simple. It took me only few minutes to search for them. It didn't take hours unlike we go to the shop try it and spend 1 hour just to decide then didn't buy and then buy others which we don't even want to buy in the first place.

I myself lazy to go out and shop sometime as the weather is unpredictable and can rain anytime. So why not just shop online on Zalora for all your sneakers need.


Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Everyone can help me with this campaign
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Hope can achieve our dream.

Indiegogo The cafe of Unicorns

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Mr Wholly

Mr. Wholly is a seafood stall that sell seafood in bucket. Those famous seafood which they put in a bucket and mix with different kind of sauce.
I choose the $69 bucket for 2. It include 1 side dish which i choose truffle fries.
It consists of 1 crab, 8 prawns , mussles and clams. It also have some other ingredients include like potato and even hot dog.
It look a lot but it not enough for big eater. The crab itself not that big.
It is cook in whatever sauce you prefer in the menu. I choose chilli soy sauce as I like it spicy.
The sauce goes well with the seafood. Just that the amount is too little. $69 for the whole thing wasn't cheap.
I know seafood isn't cheap but shellfood usually not worth as it has less meat and usually they count by weight.
I wouldn't recommend if you want eat there as a meal. But if want for supper or just tea break then it is good place to go and chit chat.
I suggest buying some other food as extra incase you feel hungry after eating it.
Overall i give 7/10. I dont mind going again but if only it just for supper..